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danielle doerfler

It could be said that Danielle found her career inspiration in her childhood home, where caring for beloved family members left lifelong impressions of the value of keeping people in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

She started out as a Certified Nursing Assistant, working in facilities as well as in the home care setting. Feeling that she could contribute more and be an advocate for patients more effectively as a nurse, Danielle decided to attend Fayette County Career and Technical School. She graduated as an LPN and with high hopes for a better experience, took a position in a care facility.

It was a disappointing experience, but Danielle was determined to fulfill her aspirations. She transferred to a new facility and although that was better, she felt a pull toward home health. So, Danielle accepted a new position as a private duty pediatric nurse, and knew immediately that she had finally found the place where she belonged and the field where she could utilize her skills and her hard-won education. She excelled in this new setting and within a year, she was co-managing a team of twenty plus nurses that specialized in bringing patients (ages 4 months to end of life geriatric) home from the hospital or other facilities.

As a co-manager, Danielle’s responsibilities included staff training, recruitment, and marketing. As much as she enjoys these activities, she most values the opportunity to meet the full human needs of patients and the chance to promote and support the CNAs and LPNs whom she considers the backbone of the healthcare industry.

lori johnson

Lori’s nursing career path began six years ago when she earned her Licensed Practical Nurse credentials and began working in the field of long term care. As she gained experience and acquired skills over the next several years, she decided to try a different specialty: home care. For Lori, working in home care has felt like coming home, professionally speaking, because she quickly recognized that this was where she was meant to be. She believes that home care is her true calling, and she has further specialized by choosing to work in pediatric home care. Lori feels a deep passion for this challenging work and is firmly committed to providing the highest quality care to her young patients and their families.

heidi fields

Heidi is a highly-qualified administrative professional whose experience includes five years in the home care industry, including two years as an office manager. Heidi has multiple degrees, including an associate’s degree in accounting and information technology, along with an associate degree in executive office administration.


With ten years of diverse experience in the field of nursing, Holly has outstanding clinical and management skills. She has previously worked in geriatric care and rehab in nursing home settings, where she became skilled in wound care management and supervised a team of nursing assistants.

Holly has also worked in pediatric home care, providing highly-skilled care to post-NICU infants, including premature infants with complex care needs who require heart monitors, oxygen, tracheostomies, and ventilators. Holly became an LPN six years ago, and is committed to caring for special needs children and their families in the home care setting.

amanda fischer

Amanda became an LPN in 2016, after graduating from Uniontown High School, and is an experienced home care provider. She is enthusiastic about being a health care professional and being part of the dynamic health care industry. Amanda brings excellent skills, dedication to her patients, and personal compassion to her work, as she provides care and comfort to others.

As a woman with a strong sense of family, Amanda understands the importance of home and family support for those who are ill. With her energy and positive attitude, she plans to be an agent of change in health care, with the goal of improving care in as many ways as possible.

stephanie eiler

Stephanie has been an LPN for eight years and is a 2011 graduate of Indiana County Technology Center. Prior to achieving her LPN license, she worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant in long term care, in a skilled nursing and rehab facility.

With extensive experience as both a CNA and LPN, she worked as an Assistant Director of Nursing in a personal care facility for five years, gaining administrative and management skills. Stephanie transferred to home care two years ago, choosing the highly specialized field of pediatric home care, which she finds challenging and enormously rewarding.

shelly hendricks

For Shelly Hendricks, becoming a pediatric home care nurse was an inspired choice: she chose to turn a personal tragedy into triumph by emulating the nurses who cared for her daughter, who lost her life in 2006. Shelly became an LPN in 2013, graduating from Westmoreland County Community College; she initially worked in a care facility but decided to switch to pediatric home care/special needs care in 2015 – a move she has never regretted. With each pediatric patient she cares for, Shelly sees an opportunity to pay forward the care she herself received from those extraordinary nurses. As a Transition Manager, she used her experience to train others and thereby improve patient care in the home care industry.

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